Massive majority favour lobbying crackdown

So much for the idea –peddled by quite a few senior public affairs people – that there is no longer public demand for a crackdown on lobbyists.

Anybody who read The Guardian today will have seen the paper’s two-page spread detailing the results of a comprehensive survey of more than 5,000 Guardian and Observer readers.

There were big majorities in favour of certain eye-catching reforms: 83 per cent supported fixed-term parliaments, 84 per cent backed a written constitution and 89 per cent wanted to shorten MPs’ holidays.

But a whopping 98 per cent supported a register of lobbyists and a ban on ‘those caught promising future employment or anything else to MPs’.

Yep that’s right. A crackdown on lobbyists is – apparently – supported more widely than any other kind of political reform.

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