Purnell quits, Tories spot PR opportunity

Soon after the news about James Purnell broke last night, the Tories got their big hitters on to the airwaves. First up was Eric Pickles, quickly followed by George Osborne who was heavily pushing the line that the Goverment is “paralysed”.

Meanwhile, in Tory Central Office they were busy buying up the adword “James Purnell” on Google, while David Cameron recorded a special video.

The result is that anyone typing in James Purnell’s name in to Google this morning sees the text:  “Purnell Quits: Labour are falling apart.Watch David Cameron’s reaction.”  Clicking on the link leads to the Tory website and a video of Dave calling for an election.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s a smart PR move executed quickly and efficiently. Someone at CCHQ deserves a pat on the back this morning.

2 responses to “Purnell quits, Tories spot PR opportunity

  1. The Webcameron video was surprisingly good. Although if you watch it, at about 14 seconds in, there’s some bloke guzzling bottled lager immediately to the left of Dave’s face.

  2. Apparently Eric Pickles was serving real ale at Tory HQ last night. So maybe he’s to blame.

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