Mandelson/Draper emails: Gordon has no-one who dares tell him the truth

PoliticsHome has obtained the full email exchange between Mandelson and Draper, dating from 7 Jan to 28 May 2008.

The best bit is Mandy talking about Gordon’s PR problems. He says: ‘A new public persona cannot be glued on to him. It cannot be found, it has to emerge. It will do so from self-confidence. When things go right for him…’

Mandy says that in the first few months of Brown becoming PM, when things were going well, the talk of Brown’s triumphs ‘became self-congratulatory and slightly absurd’. 

Mandy concludes that the main problem is that  Gordon doesn’t have anyone to tell him a few home truths: ‘He has had no one to say this sort of thing to him.’

Fast forward 12 months and Brown being let loose to record absurd YouTube videos that never should have seen the light of day.  Why did nobody remark on how odd he looked? In many respects, not a great deal has changed in Downing Street.


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