Quiller lobbyist accused of ‘sniggering’ on Newsnight

Quiller Consultants lobbyist George Bridges popped up on Newsnight last night, alongside disgruntled former Labour minister Jane Kennedy. The two were in the studio to discuss the Downing Street smear operation (see post below).

Bridges, a former Tory campaigns director, admitted that every government may ‘indulge’ in a bit of the dark arts.

A  few moments later Bridges was somewhat amused when it was suggested that Gordon Brown should stop smearing people and start listening to them instead. Jeremy Paxman accused him of ‘sniggering’. Bridges was forced to explain himself:  ‘I don’t believe a leopard can change its spots,’ he told Paxman. 

All in all, an assured performance by one of the few lobbyists genuinely close to the Tory leadership.

Let’s hope he’s invited back when Newsnight apply a similar degree of scrutiny to Andy Coulson and the Tory PR operation.

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