Labour attempts to pin ‘Mr 10 per cent’ nickname on Cameron

Labour has come up with a new nickname for David Cameron:  ‘Mr 10 per cent’.

It’s a response to Andrew Lansley’s gaffe on the Today programme, when he said the Tories would usher in a 10 per cent cut in spending in most departments (but not health, education or international development).

Alan Johnson has now sent an email to all Labour members entitled Mr 10 per cent. Labour has also put up a dedicated page on its website in an attempt to give the thing some traction.

But it’s not the most catchy of epithets – will anyone other than politicos have a clue what they’re talking about?

UPDATE: It’s also worth noting that this nickname has been attached to Asif Ali Zardari, the current president of Pakistan, following allegations of corruption…

3 responses to “Labour attempts to pin ‘Mr 10 per cent’ nickname on Cameron

  1. Yeah agree with you. Very clunky but it’s the sort of thing that they are going to have to start doing more of. Negative campaigning always resonates, despite what anyone says about it turning off voters.

  2. Mr 10% vs more Lies and Deceit from Labour, prefer honesty myself

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