Lobbyists see Machiavellian manouvres by Mandelson

We now know that last week’s plot to oust Gordon Brown failed largely thanks to Peter Mandelson putting the pressure on wavering cabinet ministers.

If anyone missed it, the most comprehsive account yet of the failed coup is provided by Allegra Stratton in today’s Guardian. Crucially, she suggests, Mandy persuaded David Miliband not to jump ship. Meanwhile Ben Brogan has blogged on the gigantic size of Mandy’s new department after the reshuffle.

Now the team at lobbying shop Open Road have put two and two together and come up with a deliciously devious theory about what Mandy was up to. A post on their blog today states:

‘Master tactician, Peter Mandelson staged a Blairite rebellion to conceal the coup within a coup and elevate him to the most powerful man in government.’

As if Mandelson would be that Machiavellian…

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