‘Mr 10 per cent’ fights for his life following a beating by Jackie Ashley

Labour’s latest attack line was in intensive care this morning following a mauling by The Guardian’s Jackie Ashley.

As I blogged last Thursday, Labour wants to brand David Cameron as Mr 10 per cent. The aim is to highlight ‘Tory cuts’ in public spending. The Tory response is to accuse Labour of ‘dishonesty’.

Last week Andy Burnham suggested that Labour had high hopes for Mr 10 per cent. He told Channel 4 News: ‘Today Mr Cameron became Mr 10 percent and we will hang that around his neck until the next election.’  Since then a few faithful Labour stalwarts, such as Ken Livingstone’s former comms man Phil Dilks, have warmed to Mr 10 per cent. But others are yet to be convinced.

According to Ashley: ‘It’s silly… to imply that Labour would not make cuts or that they would not have to raise taxes for ordinary families. The pretence that one party can protect us and the other one would cheerfully slash, is old politics.’

The problem with Mr 10 per cent is that many people won’t even know what it refers to in the first place. And those who do will surely find it hard to disagree with Ashley when she suggests that Labour is not telling the full story.

So Mr 10 per cent lives on for now, but he is severely weakened and faces opposition from influential voices in Labour circles.

Remind you of anyone…?

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