Reccomended reading on ‘silky smooth’ Simon Lewis

Top PR professionals are largely convinced that Gordon Brown has made a smart move appointing Simon Lewis (aka ‘the gasman’) to the Downing Street comms director job. See the story soon at

In today’s papers two pieces on the appointment are worth flagging up.

In the Guardian, Nick Watt describes Lewis as ‘silky-smooth’. He also notes that Lord Mandelson is to conduct an ‘informal review of the Downing Street media operation’ and that Lewis will be expected to address whatever problems this identifies.

In The Times, a sceptical Peter Riddell reckons the government is in such as mess that it now ‘doesn’t matter a damn’ who does the comms director job. Riddell says:  ‘Governments or companies in trouble often blame the messenger and turn to a new one in the hope of turning round their fortunes. This is invariably a false hope…. The problem is invariably the message, meaning underlying performance and policies…’

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