Labour presses ahead with plan to attack David Cameron as ‘Mr 10 per cent’

He took a beating earlier this week, but Mr 10 per cent is back!

I’ve just been passed a press release sent out yesterday by an outfit called Loudmouth PR, acting on belhalf of Labour’s digital agency Tangent One.  The release announces that Labour ‘has launched its Mr 10 per cent campaign across both online and offline platforms’.

What this means is that Labour is vigorously pressing ahread with its controversial new nickname for David Cameron. The party has created an ‘animated widget’ (whatever that is) on the party’s website. There will also be banner ads across the web and the party will be ‘distributing thousands of leaflets with the same artwork’.

UPDATE: Gemma Charles of Marketing magazine has the details

FURTHER UPDATE: At PMQs this morning, Cameron had an amusing response to Brown calling him Mr 10 per cent: ‘Some Labour MPs were a bit confused when they were told about Mr Ten percent. They thought it meant your opinion poll ratings.’ Very good…


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