Was Damian McBride behind Gordon Brown’s recent ‘Presbyterian conscience’ claim?

It was bound to happen soon. The Telegraph’s Alex Singleton (no relation) has spoken to a Downing Street staffer and got the story that Gordon Brown is still being advised by Damian McBride. He writes:

‘Before Mr Brown appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on May 31, he discussed his lines with Mr McBride by text message. This surely puts him at the heart of Gordon Brown’s inner circle.’

So what did Damian advise Gordon to say? To recap, this was the TV appearance when Brown started talking tough about expenses abuses. The PM told Marr:

‘What I have seen offends my Presbyterian conscience. What I have seen is something that is appalling. I did not expect to see instance where there are clear cases which maybe have to be answered to for fraud.’

Now, who would have thought that might have been a cynically constructed soundbite…

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