Where have all the (ex) special advisers gone? Not in to lobbying…

What’s happened to all the special advisers of the recent cabinet resigners? Blears, Purnell, Hoon and Hutton all left their hardworking aides without gainful employment when they walked out on Gordon. By now, I was expecting that at least one or two of said aides would be on their way to a public affairs consultancy.  But, as yet, nothing to report.

Have they all decided against the lure of lobbying? Or could it be the case that agencies are not so keen on employing Labour spads as they once were?

On the other hand, I hear that one of the newly-appointed cabinet attendees has turned to the public affairs world for a special adviser. According to a reliable source, the promoted MP has plucked a senior consultant from the ranks of a well known agency. 

More details on this once I get hold of the lucky lobbyist…


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