Downing Street departures lounge fills up as head of news signs for Tesco

As I suspected, Downing Street head of news Tom Hoskin is off to earn a crust at Tesco. See the full story here.

Hoskin is by no means the first to leave Brown Central in the last 12 months:

This time last year Martin Sheehan quit as head of strategic comms;  in September 2008, Paul Sinclair left after just six months as a special adviser charged with influencing the commentariat; in December 2008, strategic comms adviser Nick Stace had enough and went to Australia. In April 2009, Damian McBride had to resign; last month Tom Watson decided to give up his seat in the Downing Street war room.

This month it emerged that Number 10 director of comms Mike Ellam is heading back to the Treasury and in recent days it has been reported that Brown’s (joint) press handler John Woodcock is leaving.

The Downing Street departures lounge has never been busier

UPDATE: I should clarify that Hoskins took the Downing Street job last year to fill in for Emily Hands, who went on maternity leave. Hands returned this week…


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