Tory rising stars exposed by lobbyists

Insight Public Affairs has launched a cracking little booklet entitled The Next Generation – Parliamentary Candidates to Watch.

Available as a PDF on their website, the book contains profiles of 30 PPCs. And Insight is in no doubt about which party has the most talent coming up through the ranks.  Some 21 of the 30 ‘ones to watch’ are Tories . Labour bags a measly seven mentions.

And to think that Insight boss John Lehal was once a Labour PPC himself…!

The 30 profiles throw up some interesting nuggets. For example, which PPC was described as ‘young, articulate and the best-looking Tory I’ve interviewed’?  Which PPC has been paid the dubious tribute of being ‘a very good actor which is important in politics’?

And which usually eloquent Tory hopeful has come out with the excruciatingly trite soundbite: ‘I want to be part of the team that puts my country back together’?

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