Fate of Tory comms chief hangs in the balance

Earlier today, I posted a story on the PRWeek website about Labour’s plans to brand Tory comms chief Andy Coulson a ‘sleazeball’.

Some Labour folk are getting pretty excited about the fall-out from today’s Guardian exclusive about ‘drity tricks’ at The News of the World. The thinking is that the sleaze tag could be made to stick to Coulson in the same way that the Tories, under Coulson’s direction, have previously managed to label Brown a ‘ditherer’.

If so, this could seriously undermine to any suggestion that David Cameron is the man to clean up politics.

The question is whether the media will be willing to play ball. Most lobby hacks don’t have a great deal of loyalty to Coulson as they rely primarily on Tory head of press Henry Macrory for their scoops. But Coulson’s connections to their editors are stronger.

I have no idea what Coulson is up to today – and neither did the lobby journalist who I just had lunch with. But wouldn’t be suprised if he is mounting serious charm offensive to keep sweet the UK’s top editors and TV producers.


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