Embarrasing photos of UK’s top lobbyists find their way on to the web

Public Affairs News has posted up a number of photos from its recent awards on its website. And they’ve not exactly made a massive effort to leave out the most embarrasing ones…

You can see the lot here. My top three pics  – in reverse order – are as follows:

In third place: Hanover Communications boss Charles Lewington, a former Tory Party comms director, looks distinctly unimpressed by the two chaps he’s ended up having to talk to. You could at least pretend to be interested, Charles…

In second place: Weber Shandwick’s public affairs chief Michael Prescott, previously political ed at the Sunday Times, appears to be performing some kind of bizarre hand-waving dance accross the stage. Does he always celebrate like this?

In first place: Connect Public Affairs boss Gill Morris looks genuinely shell-shocked and appalled to be approached by someone waving a camera in her face. And Public Affairs News actually put this picture on the website for everyone to see! Is that any way to treat lobbying’s leading lady, eh Ian*?

*Ian Hall is the naughty editor of Public Affairs News


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