Who is the Don Corleone of the lobbying world?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently , have been on hols.  Now I’m back, a couple of things have caught my attention.

1. I see that Guido Fawkes is not impressed by the Tories’ efforts to distance themselves from lobbyists (as previously chronicled here). Says Guido:  ‘So Conservative Party conference won’t be packed to the gills with expense card flashing drinks buying lobbyists? How many Tory PPCs are or were lobbyists? How many Tory MPs have links to lobbying firms….’

How cynical of him…

2. Martin Ivens’ column in yesterday’s Sunday Times suggests there’s a self-styled Don Corleone at loose in the lobbying world. Ivens begins his musings thus: ‘A leading parliamentary lobbyist gives new recruits a set of the Godfather films to help them adapt to Westminster life….’

Who is the lobbyist with these mafia-style connections? Should we be talking about Don Bingle? Or Tim ‘Vito’ Allan? I think we should be told.

(At this point, I feel I should I’d mock up a picture of Peter Bingle or Tim Allan stroking a cat…)

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