Lobbyists rush to shed their Labour colours, but who are the true Cameroons?

The latest musings from Bell Pottinger’s public affairs supremo Peter Bingle have found their way in to my inbox.

Tucked away among the numerous opera references is this passage in which Bingle argues that fellow lobbyists are desperately trying to shed their Labour colours:

‘As we approach the inevitability of a David Cameron government… there are public affairs agencies who have sought so successfully over the years to attach themselves to New Labour that they are now unable to detach themselves. The MDs of these companies will soon be writing articles in PR Week arguing that political networks no longer matter. ‘

Of course, some of Bingle’s rivals have already begun taking this approach.

Tim Allan, boss of Portland PR and former deputy to Alastair Campbell, recently said of his approach to business: ‘It has always been about giving political insight and running campaigns. The fact that there may be a change in government is not something that makes me particularly concerned.’

Other Labour-leaning public affairs bosses such as Mike Craven of Lexington and Darren Murphy of APCO are keeping their heads down – for now.

But while there may well be lots of Labour types hanging around the public affairs world, and plenty of old Tories, are there any touchy-feely Cameroons leading the industry in to the new political dawn?

Few lobbyists have tried to grasp the mantle, but one did give it a go back in 2008.

‘I’m a huge fan of David. I’ve known him since 1988. He was a Thatcherite then, so was I. He’s changed, so have I. Politics has moved on.’

Now who could that have been…?


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