Tussles with a tobacco lobbyist

If anyone is wondering what happened to the previous blogpost about EUK Consulting’s recent £10,500 donation to the Tories, I decided to delete the post.

The story of the donation by the tobacco lobbyists has also been removed from the PRWeek website – for now…

All of this follows a rather strange conversation with EUK boss John Roberts yesterday, minutes before we were about to go to press.

But the key facts remain:

Electoral Commission records show that EUK has consistently donated cash to Labour ever since 2003, when it handed over £7,578. Since then EUK has made a further 18 donations to Labour, totalling £74,097.

The same Electoral Commission records do not show ANY donations to the Tories – until May this year, when EUK donated £10,500 to Conservative Central Office.

Make of that what you will…

2 responses to “Tussles with a tobacco lobbyist

  1. So why did you delete the post?

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