Who is threatening to leave Team Brown?

So David Hill, Spencer Livermore and D-J Collins will not be leaving their full-time PR jobs any time soon. According to The Mail on Sunday, the trio have turned down approaches to join Labour’s election campaign team.

Instead the PM has unexpectedly promoted Kirsty McNeill, his 29-year-old speechwriter. The Sunday Times reports that she is expected to play a key role planning Labour’s campaign, working alongside election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander.

Isabel Oakeshott writes: ‘The promotion… is one of a number of factors that have created an atmosphere of despair among Brown’s aides, with some threatening to leave.’

So who is on the verge of making a dramatic move from Downing Street to the public affairs industry? Press handler Mick Dugher is known to be friendly with a number of lobbyists. But as things stand, the key figures in the bunker include head of campaigns Justin Forsyth, head of strategic and digital communications Mark Flanagan and political strategy director David Muir.

Surely not…?

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