John Hutton: the lobbyist’s politician

This weekend it was reported that former business secretary John Hutton, the architect of Britain’s plans to build a series of nuclear power stations, is in talks with EDF about joining the nuclear energy company as a senior adviser.

According to Labour MP Paul Flynn, this is the latest evidence of the ‘revolving door’ between the worlds of politics and lobbying. On his blog, Flynn fumes:

 ‘I can’t wait to get back to parliament to get stuck into this outrage of an appointment. I wonder if John Hutton can be persuaded to come back to justify himself before the [public administration] select committee….’

Flynn also lays in to Hutton’s close links with lobbyists:

‘I have never seen the point of him. Personality free, he is a blank page who always bears the imprint of the last lobbyist who sat on him.’

In the recent select committee inquiry in to lobbying, lefty Flynn cemented his reputation as the scourge of lobbyists. One the other hand, Hutton with his right-wing credentials, is one of the least loved politicians in the Labour Party – but has big fans in the lobbying world.

Luke Akehurst of Weber Shandwick is one. Anyone else willing to admit it…?

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