Your chance to become a tobacco lobbyist!

Has it always been your dream to lobby on behalf of the tobacco industry? Perhaps YOU could be the one who persuades David Cameron to shelve Labour’s plans to crack down on smoking!

Sound exciting? If so, EUK Consulting is looking for a researcher to start immediately. The cosultancy is run by two former employees of tobacco giant Phillip Morris, and now represents British American Tobacco among others.

The job ad is here. But take your time on this one. Are you sure you really want to do this? Quite sensibly, applicants are encouraged to ‘learn more about us’ before applying.

Of course, you may not get to be a powerful tobacco lobbyist immediately. They want someone to do ‘Parliamentary and political research’ (bascially trawling through Hansard for stuff that affects their clients). You may also have to work on other non-tobacco accounts (yawn!). Most worryingly, the ad also demands ‘Good computer skills – MS Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint’ – suggesting you may have do some boring work involving spreadsheets and stuff. But stick at it and you could eventually be helping to force through drastic amendments to the Health Bill 2009!

Still interested? Of course you are! Your parents might not be pleased and some of your uni mates will turn their noses up but who cares? The pay will be great in a few years time!


3 responses to “Your chance to become a tobacco lobbyist!

  1. I am currently going to school to become an attorney and was in class last week and stumbled upon the movie “Thank you for smoking.” Since watching the movie it has influenced me to become a lobbyist. Before the movie i had no idea what a lobbyist was. From what i observed especially in relation to the movie I have been so fascinated with the challenge a tobacco lobbyist faces. My goal is to become a nonfictional Nick Naylor because hey its America, and everyone deserves a fair trial at freedom.

  2. i feel i would do wonders for you guys the pay hey being a priest dont pay but i got lots of creative ways good at public speaking church of tobacco i like it

  3. i already have been against state gov fought 4 years won have knowledge that can be very useful

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