Targeting the Tories? You bet!

Another week, another company is furiously lobbying the Tories.

As I report in this week’s PRWeek, casino operator London Clubs International has called in DJH Associates to help it prepare for a new wave of Tory MPs entering the Commons.

‘We wanted a company that is immersed in the politics and policies of the Conservative Party and its likely new MPs,’ the company’s executive director Roy Ramm says.

It’s a quote that will have rival public affairs agencies salivating with jealousy…

A few weeks ago, I reported that the Association of Home Information Pack Providers had called in lobbyists Quintus specifically to target the Tories. On that occasion, the Tories were not impressed and told the lobbying industry to back off.

But that was Home Information Packs, one of the few areas where the Tories have a clear and consistent policy.

With gambling, it could be all to play for…

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