Portland ups the ante by snaring Portillo

Blimey! Even I’m now struggling to keep up with the thirst for Tories that exisits among the UK’s lobbying consultancies.

Hot on the heels of Fleishman-Hillard’s Tory spending spree (see below), Portland has upped the ante by landing one of the Conservative Party’s true big guns – none other than Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo.

Of course, Portillo won’t be dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis. Rather, he will be on hand to provide occasional top-level strategic advice about how to deal with the Tories.

Nevertheless, Portillo is one of the biggest names to sign for a lobbying consultancy in years and it will be interesting to see how rival consultancies react. Will they follow suit and turn to the big hitters of the late 90s? If nobody is leaving Conservative Central Office, some may decide it’s the ony way to reel in a Tory. If things get really desperate, maybe someone will try to sign Peter Lilley…

Stranger things have happened. I vaguely recall a lobbying consultancy hiring Norman Tebbit back in April this year


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