Lobbyists spotted in Brighton

I’m in Brighton. The number of exhibitions stands seems to have plummeted drastically compared with previous Labour conferences. Will the same turn out to be true of lobbyist numbers?

It’s still warming up, but there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that reports of lobbyists boycotting the Labour conference will prove to be somewhat off the mark.

Already working the bar of the Grand Hotel is lobbying’s ‘leading lady’ Gill Morris. Fishburn Hedges’ Simon Redfern has also arrived in good time for the ‘twinge’ he is hosting with Channel 4 on Monday. Luke Pollard of Edelman has been here since last night – then again he is a Labour PPC.

Even some Tory lobbyists have made it down in advance of the New Statesman bash tonight. Among their number Bell Pottinger’s Peter Bingle who I just observed picking up a rather large armchair, which he then proceeded to cart from one end of the Grand Hotel to the other. ‘It’s for a minister,’ he claimed.

Now there’s service for you!

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