The mystery man behind Cameron’s speech

As Dave prepares to deliver his big speech, the question bothering some of the hacks in Manchester is: who wrote the thing?

Ameet Gill is the Tory leader’s chief speechwriter, but who is he and where has he come from? As the papers put together pen portraits of the people involved in the speechwriting process, they have all the usual suspects nailed – but are struggling for details about Ameet.

The public affairs industry is also foxed. Word is that Gill is a former researcher for the author and historian Niall Ferguson, but few lobbyists know much more than that.

Perhaps all will become clear tomorrow…

UPDATE: Looks like Ameet will remain something of an enigma. He’s barely mentioned in the following day’s coverage, while The Guardian focuses on another speechwriter, Clare Foges

One response to “The mystery man behind Cameron’s speech

  1. Ameet Gill is from Banbury, His father is from Banbury as well, and the family origanally come from India.

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