Lobbyists, Tories and Kirstie Allsopp

My scoop about Mandate Communications getting advance notice of Tory peerage plans has made it in to the papers today (Sun, Mirror, Mail, Times and Metro), after some activity in the blogosphere yesterday.

Most of the papers (except for Times) have all gone in on the fact the TV presenter Kirsty Allsopp is one of the names in the frame. So far, none of the papers have gone for an alternative story about Tories providing secret information to shady lobbyists at the party conference…

In most cases, the Tories are reported as dismissing Mandate’s list as ‘speculation’. The Times has Tories deriding it as ‘absolute rubbish’. The response is not surprising. Clearly they don’t want to be seen as telling lobbyists who is in line for a peerage and a ministerial post before the election has even happended.

For the Tories, this story could have played out a lot worse.

For Mandate, the episode will have increased recognition of the ‘brand’, but at what cost?


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