Lobbying firm caught short as George Bridges takes Tory election job

The Conservative Party is to strengthen its team in the run-up to the general election with the appointment of George Bridges,one of the best-connected Tories in the world of lobbying. 

The news will go down well at CCHQ.

Bridges has held senior positions at CCHQ in the past, serving three different Tory leaders. He is highly regarded by the people around Dave, and is good pals with George Osborne, who Bridges will now work alongside to mastermind the Tories’ election stategy.

The news will have gone down less well at Bridges’ current employer, Quiller Consultants.

In recent months, the secretive lobbying outfit has caught the attention of a number of big companies seeking to build links with the Tories.

Quiller has other solid Tories on the team, namely co-founder Jonathan Hill, who headed the Downing Street policy unit under John Major. But without its star player, will Quiller still be such an attractive option for those corporates keen to get close to Dave and George?

Finally, the news will go down like a lead baloon with those companies that have already appointed Quiller to lobby the Tories on their behalf.

Both HSBC and O2 recently dumped their retained lobbying firms and shelled out big money to Quiller to acquire the services of Bridges et al. 


One response to “Lobbying firm caught short as George Bridges takes Tory election job

  1. Hugely successful then…… Major and Michael Howard.

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