Corporates only have eyes for Mandy

Today’s FT has some bad news for any Labour ministers who were hoping to bag a big corporate lobbying job after the next election. In a story about Lord Mandelson’s prospects of becoming mayor, it reports:

‘City headhunters have told the FT that he is the only cabinet minister who will be in demand in the private sector.’

Bob Ainsworth will be mortified…

But it’s not all bad news! Further to yesterday’s post, it looks like I got to the bookies just in the nick of time.

The FT reports that: ‘Bookmakers are taking seriously the prospect of Lord Mandelson standing for the London mayoralty in 2012 despite the business secretary dismissing any intention to do so.’

Apparently, Paddy Power yesterday put Mandy at odds of 4:1 to be the Labour candidate, just behind Ken Livingstone at 7:2.

If you snooze, you lose…

But how long will it take them to slash the odds on Sadiq Khan?


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