Christmas greetings for Tory ‘chums’ and ‘Team Labour’

With the Tories still dogged by their ‘rich toffs’ image, Eric Pickles has been wheeled out to star in a festive film, direct from CCHQ.

No sign of Dave, George or Boris in this video, the latest ‘war room briefing’, intended to galvanise the party faithful. But Eric does spend a lot of time lurking beside a not unnattractive, though somewhat bored, young blonde lady he calls ‘Phoebe’.

The festive film ends with various CCHQ staffers assembled around Pickles, Father Christmas and – inexplicably – a cardboard cut-out of Gordon Brown.

So one party leader did make an appearance after all…

No such video delights for the Labour troops, who have to make do with an email from Harriet Harman.

Her rallying cry summarises Labour’s attack strategy, with a David Brent-ish twist:

‘We have to protect people from the threat of a Tory Government.  They would bring austerity for the many and privileges for the few. Don’t believe the arrogant Tories. Working together as “Team Labour”, there is everything to fight for.’

‘Team Labour’? And just when you thought Harriet had a knack for soundbites…

Merry Christmas!

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