Cameron rewrites 1997 Blair speech for Sun readers

Did Dave’s speechwriters have a quick read of Tony Blair’s 1997 Labour conference speech before composing today’s “upbeat” New Year message to Sun readers?

In 1997 Blair told a packed conference hall:

“We are one of the great innovative peoples.  From the Magna Carta to the first Parliament to the industrial revolution to  an empire that covered the world; most of the great inventions of modern times with Britain stamped on them: the telephone; the television; the computer; penicillin; the hovercraft; radar…

“Even today, we lead the world, in design, pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications.  We have the world’s first language.  Britain today is an exciting, inspiring place to be.  And it can be much more.”

And today Cameron tells The Sun’s readers:

“We’re also famous for our inventiveness. Over the years our little island has always punched above its weight by inventing the products the world wants, from Christmas crackers and television to penicillin and the jet engine.

“One of the biggest success stories of the past decade – the iPod – was designed by a Brit. Just imagine what British brains will give the world in the decade to come.”

As the Tories deploy the “Time for a Change” argument ahead of the election, more of this Blair-esque rhetoric is to be expected.

But a word of advice to Team Dave:

In future speeches along the same lines, try to avoid heaping praise on the milionnaire Formula 1 driver who avoids paying taxes in the UK by living in Switzerland…


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