Cameron turns to Obama

Rumour has it that Tory spinners plan to cast David Cameron as Britain’s Barack Obama. Strategy director Steve Hilton is especially keen, according to The Spectator’s astute online editor James Forsyth.

He recently wrote that: ‘Hilton… wants to run a campaign high on vision, presenting Cameron as both a unifying figure and the “change we need”.’

On the other hand, George Osborne thinks that the Tories need to have more of a retail offer, things to sell on the doorstep.

So whose advice will Cameron take?

An early sign that Cameron may take the Obama approach came on Radio 4 yesterday when Cameron asked about his recent commments on tax breaks for married couples.

‘I messed up up,’ said Dave.

Tory sources say it is no coincidence that Obama got out of a similarly tight corner in 2009 by admitting: ‘I screwed up.’


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