Two Tories quit CCHQ for lobbying roles

Lobbying firms have thus far struggled to lure Conservative staffers away from CCHQ, but could the tide be turning?

As the Tory machine gears up for the election with a recruitment drive, two of the team have decided to move in to public affairs.

Laura Davies, an aide to Chris Grayling is off to lobby for the Wine and Spirits Association. At the same time, Lisa Thomas, media adviser to the Tories’ environment and climate change team, has been snapped up by TLG as it continues to bolster its Tory credentials – and threaten the established order of Tory lobbying agencies.

It’s not exactly a tidal wave of resignations, but could yet prove to be the start of an oderly queue in the CCHQ departure lounge. Indeed, in a seperate development, Tory press chiefs have now made their minds up which press officers deserve Downing Street special adviser jobs and are even speading the word among certain lobby hacks…

PS. Apologies for the lack of posts of late. I was on the slopes. Normal service should now resume.

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