Lobbyists debate with the enemy

I’ve just written up a story for the magazine on last nights ‘clash of the lobbyists’ event hosted by the CIPR Government Affairs Group.

For those unfamiliar with this debate about the future of the lobbying industry, Foresight Consulting boss Mark Adams is leading the charge to get all lobbying firms voluntarily revealing their clients on a public register.

Peter Bingle heads up one of the UK’s biggest lobbying firms, Bell Pottinger, and is not so keen on the idea.

Despite the jovial mood last night, the two men remained at loggerheads over this key issue…

Meanwhile Guido Fawkes today launched his strongest assault yet on lobbyists, declaring today that:

‘Anyone involved in politics knows that lobbyists infest politics, lobbyists become politicians, politicians become lobbyists.  It is a sordid underhand, undemocratic trade practised out of sight of the voters and taxpayers….Lobbyists are covertly subverting democracy, it should be a criminal offence.’

That’ll be the same Guido Fawkes who is due to address the next CIPR Government Affairs Group meeting on 23 March.

Should be interesting…


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