Oops! After Cameron’s attack on lobbyists, Tory MP takes top lobbying job

It’s the news they didn’t want you to hear. Well, not yet anyway. With brilliant timing, it emerges that Tory MP Andrew Mackay – a former parliamentary aide to David Cameron – is to join the lobbying arm of Burson Marsteller after the election.

See the full story here 

My understanding is that Mackay signed up with Burson over a week ago, but the news was not communicated to CCHQ. So when Dave pressed ahead with his attack on lobbyists the other day, he had no idea that his former aide was making final preparations to join the industry – and Mackay had no idea that Cameron was going to attack lobbyists…

What a muddle! Andy Coulson must be furious…

So what is Mr Mackay up to? In a statement, Mackay told me he was keen ‘to be a part of a winning team that is assisting global businesses face their strategic communications challenges’.

Strangely, he never mentioned ‘the lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear…’ that Dave referred to in his big speech.

Can’t think why not…

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