Lobbying boss ‘delighted’ to sign up Tory MP

When announcing a new hire, companies often like to put out a press release with dreary quotes from the boss saying how ‘delighted’ he is with the new signing.

Any self-respecting journalist will be minded to ignore the obligitory ‘I’m delighted’ quote.

But occasionally, it’s fun to give it an airing.

Take the story about Tory MP Andrew Mackay joining Burson Marsteller’s lobbying practice. Not only is the news embarrasing for the Tories, coming just days after Dave attacked lobbyists. It also makes one wonder what the lobbying firm will get for their money.

Access to senior Tories for their corporate clients, perhaps…?

broke the story just before 2pm on Wednesday. Before long, Burson had knocked out a press release with an ‘I’m delighted’ quote attributed to agency boss Matt Carter.

And this time, it got through.

The Telegraph’s coverage states that: ‘Matt Carter, the chief executive of Burson-Marsteller, said he was “delighted” to have recruited the outgoing MP.’

And The Daily Mail reports: ‘Burson Marsteller chief executive Matt Carter—a former general secretary of the Labour Party said he was “delighted” at the hiring of Mr MacKay.’

Delighted, eh? Now, why would that be…?

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