Expenses-hit MPs jostle for lucrative lobbying jobs

It looks like Andrew Mackay is not the only MP poised to become a lobbyist once the election is out the way.

A senior figure at one of the UK’s biggest lobbying firms told me this morning that he had been alerted to Mackay’s availability some weeks ago – adding that Mackay had not been the only expenses-hit MP on the market.

A number of other soon-to-be ex-MPs are also said to have been touted around the big lobbying firms in recent weeks.

Having recently repaid thousands back in to the public purse, the honourable members in question are now thinking about how to keep up the mortgage repayments once their £64,766 MP salaries are no longer on the bank statement.

All of which leads me to believe that the FT’s Jim Pickard is bang on the money with this intel about Mackay’s wife Julie Kirkbride ‘chatting to several lobbying firms in the last month or so about work post-election’…

One response to “Expenses-hit MPs jostle for lucrative lobbying jobs

  1. Pauline Kenndy

    My My.
    Cameron comes out all guns blazing.
    He needs to look in his own back yard at the Tory sleaze.
    What about Ashcrofts 5 million Nicholas Trimmatis 50.000 Chris Rokos 50.000 Mike Peagram 50.000 Jitesh Gadhia 50.000 to name but a few

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