Mail reveals reveals another Tory campaign dicat

Last week, it emerged that Tory candidates must check ‘all newspaper articles and press releases, videos or blogposts about national issues’ with CCHQ press officers.

Now it seems that CCHQ is also seeking to have the final say over local campaign leaflets. The Mail on Sunday reveals that sitting MPs were recently sent an email headed ‘Don’t help Gordon Brown’. It stated:

‘We know that our opponents are monitoring everything our candidates say, whether in print or online, with a view to taking remarks out of context and distorting what you say to undermine our national campaign.

‘No one wants to be the candidate whose leaflet is waved across the Despatch Box by Gordon Brown. To help ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we are putting in place arrangements to check that our message is consistent and not open to deliberate misinterpretation.

‘The Whips Office will liaise with MPs about arrangements for checking their material.’ 

What next? Will Dave be holding their hands on the doorstep?

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