Who will be the first blogger in the Westminster lobby?

I reveal today that Commons chiefs are revisiting the thorny issue of lobby passes for bloggers. At present there is no ban on bloggers, but PoliticsHome is – I think – the only non-print publication with a lobby pass.

That could be about to change. But to ensure that Parliament is not ‘overrun by bloggers’, a few critieria will apply:

1. The person applying for the pass should be ‘a proper journalist with a track record of journalism’

2. They should be operating for a respectable news organisation or website with a ‘reasonably large’ number of subscribers or viewers

3. They should be using the pass for ‘the purposes of journalism’ – breaking stories rather than merely commenting

Mandate Communcations director (and former Lib Dem new media chief) Mark Pack is first off the blocks to speculate as to whether ‘under the proposed criteria for letting bloggers have lobby passes, I wonder if several existing lobby pass holders should lose theirs’.

Now, which of 47 Lib Dem-bashing hacks could he possibly be referring to?

As for the question of who will be the first blogger let in to the lobby, my sources suggest that ConservativeHome’s Jonathan Isaby, a former Telegraph hack, is the man most likely to tick all of the boxes…

UPDATE: A reader says this would be unacceptable due to ConHome’s clear link to a certain political party. They forget that Tribune has a lobby pass…

2 responses to “Who will be the first blogger in the Westminster lobby?

  1. I hear the Guy News TV team are getting lobby passes soon, so they may well be the first of the ‘new media’ holders of such passes (see update on my post at http://www.markpack.org.uk/lobby-passes-pr-week/ )

  2. I can’t find the list of lobby pass holders that should exist on pressgallery.co.uk.

    My take on the “should any passes be taken away” lark is:

    “If it is about “respectable news organisations”, does that mean that any national newspapers will be expelled? If not, why not?”

    I think the revolutionary implications are not for allowing blog hacks into the Lobby alongside Press Hacks, but that if it is done properly we have the potential for authoritive specialists reporting on specialist subjects.

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