Cameron the lobbyist versus Cameron the PR man

Lots of juicy nuggets in Cameron the PR Years  The Guardian’s look in to David Cameron’s stint as corporate affairs director at TV company Carlton.

Dave spent seven years in the job, which spanned lobbying and media relations. 

Whether he was any good as a lobbyist is not clear. The Guardian article states: ‘As director of corporate affairs, Cameron regularly lobbied ministers and was “in the room” according to former colleagues, when big decisions were made.’ 

Portland boss Tim Allan, at the time director of corporate affairs for Sky, says that Dave ‘had a difficult brief’…

But if Dave wasn’t much cop as a lobbyist, it sounds like his media relations skills were even worse!

‘One senior business journalist who dealt with Cameron extensively describes him as “thoroughly unpleasant” and not a very efficient press officer: “A good PR man will tell you stuff and give you insights and he never did that…”‘

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