Let the mudslinging commence…

As the row over Brown’s bullying escalates, just how dirty is it getting?

Earlier this morning, Tory press officer Alan Sendorek claimed that Labour’s attempts to undermine the National Bullying Helpline resembled the work of that old rogue Damian McBride.

He tweeted: ‘Spirit of Damian McBride lives on – Downing St smear operation against anti-bullying charity underway…’

Labour hit back, via Mandy, describing the whole thing as a ‘political operation’, and accusing the Tory press officers of fuelling the story.

Then at 2.04pm Labour supporting lobbyist Andy Sawford really upped the ante! The think tank boss and former Connect Public Affairs man pleaded on Twitter: ‘enough already of the Lee Atwater tactics’.

You know a campaign is really getting dirty when Atwater is mentioned…


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