Cameron urged to ban meetings with Burson Marsteller lobbyist

Oh dear. Sounds like a few constituents of the much-loved Tory MP Andrew Mackay are intent on wrecking his career as a lobbyist.

Mackay is, of course, set to join Burson Marsteller once the election is out the way – much to the frustration of the Goodbye MacKay group.

The GetBracknell website reports group founder Dan Laycocks as saying:

‘Isn’t it exciting knowing that a lowly MP from little old Bracknell could rise to the heady heights of corporate sycophancy so quickly?’

Something tells me that Dan is not a big fan of lobbyists. The outraged local adds: ‘ Surely, Mr Cameron must make a stand and ban his MPs from meeting with MacKay.’

No word yet as to whether Cameron will take up Dan’s plan. Personally, I would urge the Tory leader not be too tough with MPs caught making use of Mackay’s new expenses account.

A small fine should be a suitable deterrent…

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