Why the Tory fury over lobbying campaign?

As I reported this morning, the Tories have hit the roof over a recent lobbying drive by Luther Pendragon, branding it ‘crass’ and tantamount to ‘political abuse’.


On the one hand, the attack by shadow housing minister Grant Shapps seems somewhat justified. Certainly no politican likes to be told their position is ‘irrational and regressive’ by anyone. Meanwhile, thanking someone for correspondence they never sent is a schoolboy error in anyone’s book. And contacting the party leader in his constituency is a long-shot at best…

On the other hand, one wonders whether the Tories might be keen to (further) distance themselves from lobbyists as the election approaches and the good folk of Luther Pendragon have become an unfortunate scapegoat because of something that happened to slip through the net.

Either way, in defence of Luther Pendragon it is fair to say this is not a consultancy with a track record of messing up. Far from it. In fact, for my money, the only controversial thing about them is their refusal to join the Association of Professional Political Consultants. They also have on their books one of the most clued-up political communicators in the consultancy world in the shape of former government comms chief Mike Grannat.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m meant to be having lunch with two of their top brass in a few days time…


One response to “Why the Tory fury over lobbying campaign?

  1. Atwater was right

    In principle, there is nothing wrong with personal criticism, but you get away with far more if your tone is reasonable. People always get this wrong. Going negative does not mean being rude and unpleasant, it means politely ripping their head off. Still, at least Luther and their client had the balls to get stuck in.

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