Guido and pals back Peter Bingle in war with CCHQ

Tory lobbyist Peter Bingle annoyed a few folk at CCHQ the other day with his despairing email lambasting the ‘sheer hopelessness’ of the Tory election campaign.

As noted below, Conservative Party head of press Henry Macrory led the attack on the Bell Pottinger Public Affairs boss – with a sequence of eleven tweets poking fun at Bingle.

But, as the dust settles, it looks like prophet Bingle actually has plenty of admiring followers on the Tory right.

On Saturday, Guido Fawkes blogged that Bingle ‘has a point’. The sentiment was frequently reflected in Guido’s comment section:

johnny come lately: ‘Guido, good of you to point out that Peter Bingle is right. So he is.’

OneminusZero: ‘Bingle is fucking on the money, anyone who wants to see the Tories elected needs the wake-up call.’

Delbert Wilkins: ‘Nail on head. Couldn’t believe Henry Macrory went for him like that last night instead of adressing what Bingle had said – much of which was blatant to anyone with half a brain cell.’

With CCHQ briefing against him, Bingle will surely be grateful for the support. But not all of Guido’s people were worshipping at the feet of the Bell Pottinger lobbying chief. 

Bollocks to Bingle:  ‘The man would appear to be a foolish and arrogant arse who likes the sound of his own voice.’

Oh well, you can’t win em all, eh Peter?


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