Is the only lobbyist to doubt Dave now in poll position?

With the Tory poll lead narrowing, some lobbying bosses are secretly stressing that they may have called the result a bit too early.

Over the last year, this blog has chronicled the efforts of various consultancies to get their own piece of CCHQ.

But, as this BBC piece states: ‘A new thought is starting to creep into the minds of the nation’s corporate overlords. What if the Tories lose?’

In the same piece, my old pal Ian Hall, erstwhile editor of Public Affairs News, asserts that many public affairs bosses ‘will be left with an enormous amount of egg on their faces if Gordon Brown pulls victory from the jaws of defeat.’

To a point, Lord Hall…

Back at the start of 2009, I asked ten top agency bosses to predict when the next election would be and its outcome.

Seven of them correctly predicted that Gordon would hang on until 2010 to call the poll.

Of the seven, only one of them predicted that Gordon would sneak a shock victory by ‘a handful’ of votes .

Could rockin’ Rory O’Neill, partner at Gardant Communications, prove to be the sole Nostrodamus of the public affairs world?


One response to “Is the only lobbyist to doubt Dave now in poll position?

  1. Oh the shame!

    Narrow Tory victory in a minority administration is still possible though.

    Hats off to Mr Lehal.

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