Will Tory MP who fell for lobbying scam be unmasked next week?

Five Conservative MPs were invited to meetings with a fake lobbying company, The Mail on Sunday revealed this weekend.

They were offered £35,000 a year for ‘just a few days’ work a year if they agreed to exploit their links with friends in a future Tory Government. Embarrassingly for the Tories, one of the MPs ‘is believed to have fallen for the stunt and agreed to work for the bogus company’.

Who could it be, and when will we find out?

The Mail on Sunday, which broke the story, suggests that the scam may have been cooked up by people working for Rory Bremner.

But I hear that that there will be an hour-long Channel 4’s Dispatches programme next Monday. My mole tells me it will expose a number of politicians, including ministers, who have left public office and subsequently taken up public affairs lobbying jobs in the private sector.

And a gullible Tory MP who agreed to exploit his connections for £35,000?


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