Lobbying is dying, long live stakeholder engagement!

This week, I revealed that a ban on lobbying by state funded quangos is set to be announced in the Budget.

Some PR and lobbying consultancies might be hoping that I have got the wrong end of the stick.

They will not be too pleased hear that the proofs have now been sent to the printers…

So, barring any last-minute changes to the script, we will soon have a situation where the two main parties are both committed to stopping quangos from hiring external bodies to do their lobbying. It is estimated this will save millions of pounds that would otherwise gone straight in to the coffers of the public affairs industry. How much exactly should become clear next week.

Nevertheless, a few lobbying firms remain defiant. They refuse to roll over and die. They will not be defeated.

Since the story hit the streets, more than one public affairs agency boss has told me of secret plans to repackage their lobbying as  ‘stakeholder engagement’….

Cunning, eh?


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