Stephen Byers caught in C4 lobbying sting

The Channel 4 Dispatches programme on lobbying will air on Monday evening. And it promises to be pretty explosive…

Last weekend, the Mail on Sunday reported that an un-named Tory MP had been caught promising cash for access to a fake lobbying firm. Now, The Sunday Telegraph has dug deeper and suggests that Stephen Byers could actually be the politician in most trouble when the show airs. Melissa Kite reports:

‘Mr Byers, a leading former Blairite minister, was filmed telling actors posing as potential employers that he would be a valuable addition to their company because of his position.

‘He was later so worried about what he had said that he sent an email claiming he had “exaggerated”.’

Oops. Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon and Baroness Morgan were also targeted by the undercover operation, the paper claims.

Get the timer set for 8pm Monday evening, Channel 4…

UPDATE: The Sunday Times has the full story. Byers is banged to rights. Shameful.


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