Shameless Stephen Byers gives Labour MPs a bad name with lobbying boasts

The Sunday Times story of MPs caught by their fake undercover lobbying operation is explosive stuff. Stephen Byers comes out of it worst. Here’s a couple of brief highlights:

Stephen on using his friend Tony to grease the wheels: ‘I see Tony Blair every month and you’ll probably find a lot of your clients really quite like him. If there’s an event … we could have a word with Tony, say come along for a drink.’

Stephen on helping Tesco to avoid consumer-friendly food labelling. ‘So you ring Peter Mandelson and say, “Peter, did you know what Hilary Benn’s about to do? … He’s going to introduce a regulation which is going to have this huge nightmare in every supermarket”… Peter got it delayed and then got it amended.’

And that’s just the half of it…

Don’t forget to tune in to Channel 4 on Monday at 8pm to see Byers make a complete arse of himself.


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