Lobbyists’ shock victory over political heavyweights in Westminster quiz

News reaches me of a stunning victory for lobbyists over politicians and the media.

Last night saw a charity political quiz, hosted by Iain Dale at the City Inn Hotel in Westminster. The quiz was organised by Ebay PR manager Vanessa Canzini to raise cash for Acton Homeless Concern.

An early favourite to win was the Sky News team, led by Adam Boulton with help from Peter Kellner and Anji Hunter. Total Politics also fielded a team of six, as did top lobbying firms APCO Worldwide, Blue Rubicon, Hanover and Weber Shandwick. Tory frontbencher Damian Green is also said to have been roped in.

But when the results were announced there was an unexpected winner in the form of little-known lobbying outfit Indigo Public Affairs. According to Canzini they were ‘way out in front of the other teams’.

And they only had two people!

So what happened? Planning shop Indigo is run by Richard Patient, but I understand their secret weapon goes by the name of David Boothroyd

A source tells me: ‘Boothroyd won it single handed… He is their walking Google. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of politics.’

No sh*t!


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