PR bosses on their marks for election campaign

The election is about to be called. The leaders are ready to do battle. The footsoldiers are prepared to take the fight to the doorstep. And the PR bosses are poised to offer their pearls of wisdom.

Batting for the FT is Hanover Communcations boss Charles Lewington.

For the next few weeks, the former Tory comms chief and one-time lobby hack will be a regular fixture on the FT Westminster blog, taking his place as part of a 3-strong ‘election panel’.

Meanwhile GQ magazine has signed up Weber Shandwick CEO Colin Byrne to pen a regular election blog.

And the former Labour chief press officer and pal of Mandy has already kicked off with a no holds-barred attack on a fellow Labourite:

‘The loathsome Charlie Whelan is wandering around like some fly fishing Arthur Scargill with an “access all areas” Commons pass…’

Match that, Lewington!

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